Localancers – Freelancing Directory with 20% Discount for BDG Members

The genesis of Localancers began in 2011. The main goal of the project is to give an opportunity to every graphic designer, programmer, copywriter to get in touch with new clients and partners in every spot of the world. The members from the field of graphic design are marked with red shield while the clients are marked with black. Simply said Localancers is an easy way for a graphic designer to say “I’m in town and I’m doing design. My rates are as it follows…”. The only thing that the members of Localancers must have in common is the language – English.

This short video describes how one can get relevant results by searching for freelances with design skills and some other requirements:

Graphic Design Freelancing Directory

Just a few months after the official launch of the platform, there are over hundreds of users using it. The members of Bulgarian Design Group can join Localancers with special membership discount. Each member of BDG has an access to a code, which gives a 20% discount for annual membership registration.

The code is:

You will be able to see the code above^ only if you are registered member of Bulgarian Design Group. The BDG’s registration page is accessible from here.

The platform’s reach is global. There are people from Bulgaria, USA, Australia, South Africa and the other continents as well. The majority of members are designers and IT professionals. There are also marketing pros, copywriters and other. Some members are specializing in more than one category. For example there are designers, who are tagged as IT specialists as well.

There is an interesting case with Localancers that is worth mention – the people with global experience in their practices appreciate the local alternatives as well. This is what describes the Localancers’ work model best – you can find a professional from the hood who would work on your website in the same manner as a professional from the other side of the world would do – same rates, same skills, same time zone, etc.

By far there are over 500 professionals and clients from all the world, including growing number of members from the States.

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If you want to become a partner and provide the BDG members with special discounts, you can write to info@bdg.bg.


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